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Our services are tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Full Services

Visual Roof Surveys
Non Destructive Analysis (NDE)
Roof Infrared Scan
Electrical Capacitance Moisture Surveys
Gravimetric Analysis and Roof Testing
Warranty Administration

Bidding Administration
Contract Administration
Quality Assurance Observation

Mac Brady’s services are provided in comprehensive packages or can be provided individually. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of the client and requirements of the client’s roofing projects. In addition to consulting services, we also provide:

  • Roofing Educational Seminars
  • Maintenance Training Programs
  • Maintenance Specifications
  • Materials and Testing Analyses
  • Roofing Failure Analyses
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Consulting Services


Visual Roof Surveys – Roof data collected from the survey team is processed through our computer. Mac Brady then rates the roofing system via regression analysis derived from the US Army Corps of Engineers’ ROOFER ® Program and on performance characteristics of actual roofing systems in our extensive database. Mac Brady’s survey will include:

  • Collect historical data supplied by Owner, incl. warranties, roof plans, etc.
  • Survey to determine roof’s general appearance, surface conditions, membrane characteristics and conditions. Observations include inspection of roof penetration and perimeter to include:
  • Edge conditions of the roof, coping, perimeter metal edge, and fascia.
    • Caulk, drainage and contaminates.
    • Penetration pans/pockets, drains, scuppers, overflows and other roof penetrations.
    • Expansions joints and control joints.
  • Identify visible roof membrane distresses by high, medium and low severity
  • Provide list distresses detailed by roof setion.
  • Roof distresses to  be plotted and identified on roof plan(s).
  • Time and material cost estimate for identified roof membrane repairs.
  • Mark leak locations identified by Owner on the roof plan.
  • Quantify membrane and flashing distresses.
  • Notify manufacturers of warranty repairs to be corrected (if any).
  • Roof plan(s) identify approximate size, shape of roof section and rooftop equipment inventory.
  • Description of distress causes (poor workmanship, material defect, routine maintenance, etc).
  • Economic evaluation per roof section to include:
    • Roof age
    • Square foot
    • Drainage provisions
    • Roof Condition Index (roof score)
    • Improved Roof Condition Index if repairs are made
    • Remaining service life
    • Additional Service life if repairs are made
    • Estimated repairs ost (with set up fee)
    • Cost ratio of whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace
    • Identify flashing system for inventory and estimated replacement cost
  • Photographs of typical distresses and overviews of roof sections

Non Destructive Analysis (NDE) – After a Visual Roof Survey is performed, if there is a need to assess the condition of the insulation, Mac Brady performs the infrared, or electrical capacitance moisture testing procedures on each roof area. Regardless of the chosen procedure, each is confirmed by gravimetric analyses of the components of the roofing system. Our Analyses will:

  • Obtain moisture readings or imaging
  • Coordinate an approved roofing contractor to cut and repair cores
  • Revise report based on finding of Moisture Survey and core
  • Revise roof plan to include map of anomalies, if infrared
  • Identify the areas of wet insulation in the roof based on a 10′ by 10′ grid, if electrical
  • Photographs of imaging and core
  • Perform gravimetric analysis for moisture content.

Construction Administration

Bidding Administration – Project Specifications are written in CSI format by trained and experienced professionals in order to provide for the most complete roofing project in the most cost-effective manner based upon a thorough understanding of the site conditions. Mac Brady’s specifications will:

  • Obtain interior temperatures & relative humidities, and
  • Verify roof nomenclature
  • Determine the proper attachment method & UL fire rationg
  • Calculate the dew point & vapor retarder analysis for each section, and
  • Verifying the required “R” value
  • MBA will prepare Bidding and Contract Documents in a Project Manual consisting of
    • Bidding Requirements
    • Specifications
    • MBA Contract Forms (Terms and Conditions, Warranties, Required Payment Documents, Change Order Protocol, Bonds, etc) integrated with Owner Contract Forms
    • Integrate Supplementary Conditions with Owner General Conditions and
    • Roof Plans(s)
  • Issue Invitation to bid
  • Conduct a Pre-Bid Conference
  • Submit Pre-bId Conference Minutes and Addenda
  • Respond to Requests for Information during budding phase
  • Submit a Big Analysis of all Bid Proposals.

Quality Assurance Observation – The NRCA recommends the best way to ensure a quality-roofing project is to provide an independent full-time Quality Assurance Observer (QAO) throughout the roofing project.

  • Mac Brady Associates, Inc., will provide a Registered Roof Observer (RRO) to:
    • Observe the roof application on full-time basis
    • Document materials that are delivered to the jobsite
    • Record field testing required by Manufacturer of roofing materials.
    • Record temperatures and weather conditions on a daily basis.
    • Verify all field changes change orders made by Contractor and
    • Assure installation is in compliance with Contract Documents.
  • Mac Brady Associates Inc., will submit Quality Assurance Documentation consisting of:
    • Progress Summary
    • Quality Assurance Times Summary
    • Daily Quality Assurance Observation
      • Crew Size
      • Weather Conditions
      • Review material delivered, storage and protection
      • Narrative of work done for that day
      • Quantify sf of roof replaced
      • Quantify change order amounts
    • Photographic documentation of overviews & close-ups of roof installation.

Contract Administration – Contract Administration Mac Brady Associates, Inc. will provide a Project Manager to:

  • Prepare and Administer Contract Documents between Owner and Contractor
  • Conduct Pre-Construction Conference
  • Conduct two Progress Meetings (estimated one every two weeks)
  • Conduct Final Walk Thru with Manufacturer
  • Review Contractor’s Pre Job and Progress Submittals & Shop Drawings
  • Review Warranties
  • Pre-Construction Conference Minutes
  • Progress Meetings Minutes
  • Review Contractor’s Change Orders
  • Review Contractor’s Applications for Payment and
  • Finalize Project Close-Out Punchlist

Warranty Administration

Mac Brady offers annual warranty roof inspections to ensure a preventive maintenance program is established that maximizes the service life of your roof while reducing routine non-warrantied maintenance cost. For clients who own multiple facilities, Mac Brady has a Roof Analysis and Maintenance Program that will simplify the management of buildings spread out or within a geographical area. Since the roof will be examined under one set of guidelines, Mac Brady’s Program will:

  • Provide a complete analysis of all types of roofs
  • Provide a record of all reported roof leaks
  • Provide warranty repair notifications to manufacturer
  • Provide documentation of equipment installation
  • Provide complete budget summary costs
  • Provide a comprehensive plan for maintenance

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